The ESPRI Housing Rehabilitation “Gap Fund” is a grant program administered by Southern Tier Economic Growth (STEG). STEG has contracted with Arbor Housing and Development to oversee the success of this program. The top priority identified in the City of Elmira’s Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative plan is to provide clean, safe and affordable rental housing to those living in poverty within the ESPRI target neighborhoods including Census Tracts 6, 7 and 10. The overall objective of the ESPRI Housing Rehabilitation “Gap Fund” grant program is to improve the quality and quantity of rental housing in the most impoverished neighborhoods in the City of Elmira. STEG and Arbor will be working with local landlords/investors in the Elmira area to execute these requirements. 

For more information on the ESPRI program, please click here.

If you are a landlord/investor who is interested in participating in the ESPRI program, please fill out our application form: ESPRI Application.